Course curriculum

  • 2

    Part I: Follicular Phase Charts

    • Brief Follicular Phase Review

    • Follicular Phase Temperatures Too Low

    • Follicular Phase Too Long

    • Follicular Phase Too Short

    • Follicular Phase Temperatures Too High

    • Follicular Phase Temps Remain Elevated at Period Onset

    • Unstable Follicular Phase Temperatures

    • No ovulation

  • 3

    Part II: Luteal Phase Charts

    • Brief Luteal Phase Review

    • Short Luteal Phase

    • Luteal Phase Temperatures Run Low

    • Luteal Phase Temperatures Slow to Rise

    • Luteal Phase Temperatures Initially Rise... Then Steadily Drop

    • Luteal Phase Temperatures Fluctuate Erratically

    • Luteal Phase Temperatures Rise With a Dip Mid-Luteal Phase

    • Luteal Phase Temperatures Drop After Sixteen or More Days

    • Luteal Phase Treatment - All Patterns

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    Part III: Downloadable PDF Summaries

    • Follicular phase temperature too low

    • Follicular phase too long

    • Follicular phase too short

    • Follicular phase temperature too high

    • Follicular phase temps remain elevated at the onset of period

    • Unstable follicular phase temperatures

    • No ovulation

    • Follicular Phase Supplement Recommendations - includes dosages

    • Luteal Phase Summary (all patterns) and Supplement Recommendations - includes dosages